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Sunday, 8 February 2015

Becoming an AJ lover!


I've developed some serious addictions lately. I've started collecting items and stuffs. Before this, I was so into Fixi novels (and still collecting until now). I think it's good for me as it helps to get rid of my boredom during the semester break and sometimes improve my creativity and sense. 

...and I do think becoming an Aidijuma scarfs lover is not a mistake. 

From left: 
Fullcat, Ribbon, Brown Croissant, Red Pine & Retro Cassette 

I could understand why there are people who are willing to spend much on AJs. The designs are cute, adorable and trendy. So far, I've grabbed Fullcat, Ribbon, Brown Croissant, Red Pine & Retro Cassette. They are all White Labels. Since I bought them online, each of them costs me RM20. Not too expensive for an undergraduate like me. It's still affordable. For working women, they might choose Black Labels for the exclusiveness. 

I admit that I love wearing printed short dresses or t-shirts. Since I'm having a quite serious addiction to the printed AJs, I choose to buy plain short dresses, peplums and t-shirts to match with the scarfs. So far, I think my Martina collections from The Pop Look really help me. 

Recently, I did the bartering activity with one of the members in a barter community. I decided to swap my new Zara blouse with a new Colourful Numbers AJ. Currently waiting for it. Can't wait to add my AJ collection! 

Oh, another reason on why I choose AJ, the scarfs are actually wide enough to cover the chest, and of course the aurah. I think that it's not a problem for a lady who wears hijab like me to still be stylish and trendy. However, make sure that the niat of wearing hijab is to be a good servant of Allah. InsyaAllah. 

1) Planning to buy AJ WL Stationery. Look cute to a final year student like me! 
2) Want to buy AJ GL Lipstick (blue). Just in love with the design but I think my purse would ask me to wait first! 


Wednesday, 4 February 2015

AE: Aku tanya, apa khabar?


AE a.k.a academic exercise, atau student UKM panggil latihan ilmiah. Hmm. 

Selaku final year student, haruslah siapkan AE ni. Sepatutnya masa cuti yang panjang ni lah dah pulun cari maklumat tentang AE ni, tapi ni tak. Konon nak rehatkan dulu otak yang berserabut dengan banyak benda masa praktikum dekat sekolah sem lepas. 

Dan hari ni, 
dengan tak semena-menanya, 
dapat SMS. 

Daripada siapa?
Daripada Miss Asmahan. 
Mengatakan yang aku perlu submit AE proposal kepada beliau Jumaat ini. 

Eh tunggu, 
bukan ke aku ni supervisee Datin Siti Hawa? 

Tukar supervisor dah rupanya. Lambat update betul aku ni.
Rara dan Sara pun masih sekali lagi dengan aku. 

Jadi, haruslah pulun edit AE mulai malam ni. 
Doakan AE aku siap tepat pada masanya. 
Tak nak dah repeat paper or sem lagi.
Perit. Sakit.
The end.