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Sunday, 13 January 2013

I need a break.

Finally, the third semester has come to its end. When everyone is so happy, planning things for his or her holiday in this semester break, I'm here, feeling so afraid of what gonna happen next semester. 

Oh yeah, repeating Phonetics paper is not what I'm gonna do! :'( This subject is killing me, like seriously :\ :'( 

I need a break. 
Sometimes, I just wanna be away, far from anybody else. 
Sometimes, I just wanna have time for myself, realizing what should I do, what shouldn't I do.
Sometimes, I just wanna be understood rather than understanding everybody, each time, while no one tries to understand me. 

I'm sorry, I never mean to be a hypocrite person. I'm just tired. I need a break. Don't keep on pushing me.

Maybe I need a new strategy for the next semesters, because I can't stay in this way forever. 

And please, give me space, because I NEED A BREAK. 

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