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Monday, 27 August 2012

something to say

Dear diary,

It's already 27th August but I'm still stuck here with my ROS report -.- Urghh. InsyaAllah, I'll settle it as soon as possible since Mom had already bought me a ticket back to Shah Alam. Need to say 'goodbye' to Terengganu in just a few days :')

Today I've successfully registered 7 subjects for my third sem. The other subject, BEL, I still can't register it. Need other friends' help on how to solve it :[ I chose Japanese language for my third language, is it okay? I think I'm more interested in Japanese rather than Arabic and Mandarin. Hope to read Manga fully in Japanese after this perhaps? :p

Actually I tried to go to Kuala Berang this morning to solve my own 'problem' but then, there was no my 'rezeki'. There was no taxi at all, oh yeah, there was one, but it was already full. Damn it! :[ I think I need to go out earlier tomorrow so that I can settle all of the matters! 

Oh yes, Eza brought me this, this evening. I'm so touched :') Only two slices of it but still could make me full! :D

Vanilla Coklat, she said :D 
It was superb, I should try to do it by my own! 
*but who gonna eat it? I'm on diet :p

Oh and all my entries for Nestle 100 contest have been published! (but only in Malay, I don't have enough vocab to write in English :[

Just trying my luck :D Who knows, right? I just wanna write, write and write so that the memories will last forever :') 

Okay, that's all. I really enjoy myself reading online horror comics by Junji Ito today :') Wanna buy latest horror comics by Gempak Starz but it seems that I don't have enough time and money to do so. It's still okay, as long as I enjoy myself and do not die in boredom. Hehe :p

ps: Will update later the result! I win nothing this Syawal. Dooodolls contest was the latest one but I don't think it was the ending! ;)

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