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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

FE, parcels & Dooodolls!


Today was my 3rd day doing the Field Experience at my previous school, SMK Ajil, and it was really fun! I entered 4 Premier, a little bit late than Madam Anita and it was still okay ;) Hihi 

Then, I received 2 parcels today. Weehooo! Got a pair of nice baju kurung from someone :D And also an awesome jacket and Voir tshirt with affordable prices! Can't wait for next parcels the next days! Hihi 

Talking about Dooodolls, today I joined this contest:

I just joined it for fun. If there's my luck, Alhamdulillah. But if there's not, I enjoyed doing it! ;)

So this was the picture submitted for the contest. Thanks Picasa for this masterpiece. Haha! 

I decided to buy a new sling bag from Dooodolls for my third semester this coming September. Dooodolls products are so cuteeee! I'll spend a lot of money if I find any Dooodolls products! Thanks God because my best friends had given me a medium Droolie before! But still I wanna to add my collection, I wanna have the biggest Droolie after this! InsyaAllah! :D

The conclusion is, I can't wait for tomorrow any longer ;') There might be so much fun to be enjoyed!! 

ps: hope to lose more body masses in Ramadan :')

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