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Monday, 4 June 2012

I'm back!


It has been a while that I haven't post anything in this blog.
Well, the same lame excuse again; I've been so busy with my semester 2 life :D 

I know that things get harder and harder each time. 
I can't hope that things are as easy as ABC, like what have I experienced during my primary school years. 
Plus, I'm already in Degree right now. 
Things are as tough and complicated as how we pronounce DEGREE right? ;)

The real thing is; I'M JUST AN ORDINARY GIRL.
I'll cry when I feel sad. 
I'll stop when I'm exhausted. 
I know my own limitations and abilities. 

I know people don't have time to get to know these.
They are busy with their own world. 
Mom with her jobs. With her duties. With her responsibilities.
I never expect that she'll pay more attention to me. 
I've already 20 years old! 
I know there are still a lot of things that I don't know, and I never say that I'll stop trying, I'll stop struggling. I'll never say that! 
God gives me two hands, two legs, two eyes, two ears; everything is to ease my parents' burden. 

I'm sorry if I've been so ignorant all of this time :'(
When you need me the most I just can't be there for you. 
I'm sorry. 

But I give you my word, I'll do my best.
I've fallen hard in my SPM, but I've waken up for my Foundation.
I got Dean List. I got the opportunity to enter B.Ed TESL :')

Then, I've fallen again for my first semester of degree.
I know it my fault. I couldn't cope with this new situation yet. 
Then I had so many personal conflicts, until I don't know which one should be settled first :'(

But how hard I've fallen, I try my best to raise again. 
The same thing happens in Taekwondo.
How hard and how painful you've been kicked and punched, and kicked again, 
even you fall, you will raise again. You will never surrender until the game is over, right?
Yeah, the same thing goes to my life here. 
How far TESL throws me away, but I still come back.
For something that I'm really sure;


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