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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Waiting for these! :D

Hi, assalamualaikum >.< 

Since I'm quite bored at home, I tried to cure my boredom by doing an online shopping --''
It's totally not good, dear peeps, because your purse will become thinner and thinner T___T 
Well, actually, I tried to find some blouses to be worn during new semester :)

Receiving this parcel today :D 
Well, this wasn't my first time to shop via online, but I've done it several times before =P
I hate going to crowded supermarkets just to search for cheap clothes -.-'
It's really tiring, you know?

Got these pretty clothes with affordable prices! :D 
I don't even care to wear cheap clothes as long as they suit me well and I'm comfortable with them! 

Cute gifts from the blog shop's owner :D
Love them pretty much!  

Am I a good cousin?
Gonna give these to my little cousin, Aliya. 
Last time I met her, she said that she wanted some t-shirts :D 
Yeah, hope to meet her soon. 

That's all for today. Tadaaa! HAHA ;)


  1. nk link online shop yg eka bli tue..btw tq dear..

  2. nasr: dah PM kat FB :)

    tira: xbanyak pon..semua baju tu murah-murah je >.<