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Friday, 24 February 2012

Promoting Moddy


Hi readers, how are you? :D 

Since I needed to do something just to cheer myself back (from my heartbroken :'| ), so as usual I tried to do things that can benefit me :)

Last night, I promoted Moddy 's page to some Facebookers and also Bloggers, just to increase the total of the likers :)

Thank you Bloggers! 
Besides following my blog, they also help me to LIKE Moddy's page ;) 

#you can also LIKE that page, just click on the word Moddy :D 

Alhamdulillah, I've successfully attracted almost 40 likers just in a few hours (and it's totally hard because people just ignore you -.-') to like that page just to achieve 4000 likers. Congrats Moddy! Hehe

Before this, Moddy said that a mystery gift is waiting the 4000th liker. Yeah, I think that it is quite tough to be the 4000th liker (as I'm never lucky), but I tried my best =.="

So I'm still waiting for Moddy's response right now. Am I going to be announced as the 4000th liker of the page?? #well, I hope so :)

note: I have 2 unofficial Facebook accounts. E'ka Zulaikha is my official one :)
So please don't be confused if I claim that I'm the owner of those accounts because yeah, I'm not using my real name for both accounts for some reasons ;)

#will write what will happen next! 

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