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Saturday, 25 February 2012

Favourite Friday :D

Assalamualaikum peeps. 
Happy Friday ^_^ 

Today I was quite bored. There was no one at home, except Dad. Mom was at her clinic, on her duty -.-' I thought it would be the most boring day ever. 

Then, my house's phone rang for many times. Since I was in my room, I didn't hear it at first. Urghh. Ceksu, my aunt called me and asked me to go out with her family. But I insisted. I needed to take care of my Mom's shop -.-' 

Actually, she tried to surprise me. Since she didn't give me anything for my birthday on last 21st January, she wanted to treat me lunch. Silly me for not accepting her invitation :'(

Then, she dropped by Mom's shop to send these to me. Ouchh, I'm touched. Thank you so much, Ceksu & Pokpa (her husband)! 

Ceksu said that she tried to find something as a present, but she ended buying nothing. She was quite afraid if I would not like her present, since I am already 20 years old right now -.- Ceksu, I love everything, as long as it is cute, okay? 

So she just gave RM50 so that I can buy anything that I want to replace her present. Hmm, what a great Aunt :') (Actually she is my second Mom since she has taken care of me since I was born!) 

After buying some things at Mom's shop, she, her husband and Amirul (her second child) went home. I gave her a cute long sleeve t-shirt for her first child, Aliya. Aliya is a teenager now and she needs proper t-shirts to be worn.

Hmm, thank you Ceksu & Pokpa.
 Today is my Favourite Friday! ;)