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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Everything is new for a new semester! :D


Time flies so fast, and it's already 18th February today --''
And I'm heading towards a new semester; second semester in just a few days! 

Since there were certain things that didn't happen as I planned during last semester, 
so I hope that everything will be going just fine in this coming new semester :')

Indeed, I've made some preparation to prove that I'm really enthusiastic to be better! 
You can read my previous post :)

I did some blog walking just now, especially to my friends' blogs. 
Suddenly, I felt upset to get to know that my friend uses the same background as I used before :'( 
Yeah, I hate to be the same as others, really.
So I decided to make some changes, just to be different. 
The changes are also a significant for changes that I'll make for my new semester :)

So, this is how my blog looks like now :D 

I still use pink in the background because I really love it. Hehe
The lollipop is just a significant for my blog's new description;

Yeah, I really hope I can enjoy my life more after this :D
Live my life to the fullest, but in the same time, prepare to meet Him.


  1. kencing manis kalau singgah sini hari2. haha

  2. nurin: haha. sape suh makan lollipop tu! =P