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Thursday, 16 February 2012

A day with BFF ♥


How are you, peeps? 
Well, I'm in 50-50 condition - start to have sore throat and cough all the day --''

Today was a memorable one in my diary as a girl :D 
I just really miss the moment to hang out with my bestie since Standard 5, Hayza Zyra. 

When we arrived at Kuala Terengganu, we had our breakfast first.
I would have stomachache if I ignored it --''
Eza chose to have mee hoon soup, while I just preferred fried rice whenever I go :')

It's yummy, but I lost my appetite since we've been waiting for our meals for about half an hour?! 
Grrr, I really think that I was patient enough T_____T 

Note for ourselves: we'll try to avoid that stall when we hang out again 

After settling a few businesses at the bank, we went straight to Pustaka Seri Intan :D 
It is one of the famous book stores here in Terengganu.
Eza wanted to spend her 1 Malaysia book vouchers! (she still had the amount of RM150 of book vouchers before we entered that book store) 

She grabbed everything that she could in PSI just to redeem that RM150 book vouchers! 

She bought badminton rackets, bla bla bla until her RM150 book vouchers disappeared! 

Luckily she still remembered me. HAHA
So I asked her to pay this for me :')
Chess set  

Actually it was so tiring to be in the book store, searching for things to be bought.
After an hour and half, we decided to go home and we went straight away to the bus station.

Datin Eza was so busy answering calls and replying texts --''
Oh, I wish I could be like her, but what can I do, I am a single lady. HAHA 

I didn't mean to capture those Bangladeshis' pictures okay! (behind Eza --'')

Do I look good in red? T___T
#Seriously I need to lose weight :\

I love that city bus :D It is so unique, just like ancient Malay + Minangkabau house. 

Unfortunately, that wasn't our bus to go home. Hehe
We waited about half an hour, and our bus arrived. 

note: where's Panadol? I felt unwell because of the hot weather today :'(

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