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Monday, 20 February 2012

Contest: I am Malaysian cool blogger by Khairina Hairuddin

Assalamualaikum and hello guys :D 

Well, before I start to be busy again with assignments, presentations and tests this coming new semester, let me benefit every single moment left at home by joining another contest! 

What kind of contest? --''

Just click at the banner or the link to get started! :D 

I hope I'll be listed as one of the coolest Malaysian bloggers by Khairina Hairuddin :)
She will choose the winners based on few criteria;

* a cool blog (yeah, my blog is cool in its own way =P)

*a neat blog (yup, I try to avoid grammatical mistakes each time I write entries..hehe)

* a light blog (I don't put any widget or autoplay music just to keep it light!)

It is totally easy to join this contest, peeps! 
So what're you waiting for? 

Okay, time for tagging people to join! 

* Balqis Hanani 
* Manizs Manjer 
* Cik Kim 

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