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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

a blue alien from Pluto :D

How's your day, peeps?
Is it 'sunny' or 'rainy'? >.< 

Today, I welcomed the arrival of a very weird creature from a far away planet called Pluto :D 

#Finally Droolux has safely landed on Earth :D 

Actually, I've developed a kind of obsession lately. 
Yup, I'm obsessed of weird dolls :)
Yeah, girls are supposed to have collection of teddy bears, right?
Yup, I have some of them, but later on I'm more interested towards Dooodolls collection, but they're pretty expensive :'( 

I got a medium Droolie on my 19th birthday :D 
I'll not leave her at hostel whenever I go home, because I'm afraid if Droolie been stolen --''
Yeah, just like a childhood's imaginary friend :')

Droolux (that blue alien) is not a part of Dooodolls collection;
it is from a.e.i.o.u Studio :)
I found Droolux from a blog shop and now it is mine :DDD

note: Right now I only have 3 weird creatures in my room, and I sleep with them ;)

p/s: My beloved aunt, Cik Su came just now :) I gave her all the presents for her daughter, Aliya :D

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