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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Get Ready


My lil bro has already back to his hostel this evening :'| I didn't realize when did my Eld Bro sent him because I was to weak, coughing all the day, and just lied on my bed :( 

Suddenly, Mom woke me up. She asked me to follow her to the nearest town. I thought that she had cancelled our plan last night, but she didn't. So I went to have shower quickly. 
Oh, I really hate to be in rush :|

First, we went to 2NShop. That shop sells almost everything at a very affordable price. So I bought a few things to be brought to my new house in Shah Alam :)

Seriously, I didn't have more money at this time and I could only afford to buy these. HAHA
Just bought a wall clock, a bag, clothes hanger and a bed sheet. Anything that can still be used, will be used again. Seriously, I've started to be a good saver now :D 

Actually, the real mission was; to buy A TICKET BACK TO SHAH ALAM :')

Mom accompanied me to buy this ticket and I'll board Mutiara bus back to Shah Alam on the night of 2nd March. I don't worry much to board the bus alone; without friends that I used to rely like before. Right now, I need, really need to be independent, as I can't keep relying on people each time in my life. 

I don't know what should I do more right now, except waiting for my Semester 1 result?
Oh noooo! :'|
Ya Allah, I need some strength right now, to end what have I started. Amin.

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