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Saturday, 11 February 2012

1st Giveaway from Cik Tempe Punye Blog! :D

Assalamualaikum readers. 

So how's your day? Is it awesome? 
Well, I've passed another boring day again *sigh 

So why don't I join any contest @ giveaway?
I just found this :D

Okay Cik Tempe, here we go :D 

I'm interested to join your giveaway because your prizes are quite awesome for me :) 
#Why don't I get something for free just by writing this entry, right?

Charcoal mask! 

Well, I've never used this charcoal mask before, and I think Cik Tempe can give me an opportunity to try this out, right? HAHA
Maybe I can turn out my tanned skin into a fairer one? #stop dreaming, E'ka! 

Plus, there are also other prizes for lucky contestants such as 'tudung bawal', doodles and also Maxis @ Celcom prepaids. 
Again, why don't I get something just for free, right? :D 

Okay, that's all peeps! 
If you're interested to join this giveaway (or just to escape from your semester break boredom), 
just click at the link above! 
Happy trying! 

I'm tagging;
* Yasmin Khairani 
* Cik Kim 
* Farah Nojie 

note: Cik Tempe, if you don't want to give me that Charcoal Mask, just give me that tudung bawal. HAHA #just kidding 


  1. dah pakai dah mask tuh.
    memang best !!

  2. tag awak...

  3. thanks dear sebab join..ajak ramai2 lagi untuk join k :)