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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Menghitung Hari :)


Dalam masa beberapa hari je lagi, aku akan berangkat pulang ke Shah Alam, tempat aku menimba ilmu. Tiket bas sudah pun dibeli, dan sekarang hanya menghitung hari untuk memulakan perjuangan baru!

Ni gambar dalam bilik 1B-03-06 yang selalu kena intai pencuri tu -.-
Gonna miss this room T_____T 

Hmm, barang-barang pun tak kemas lagi ni. InsyaAllah akan dilangsaikan hari ni :) Sekarang aku cuba rangka plan pembelajaran aku sebaik mungkin supaya kejadian-kejadian yang tak diingini semasa semester 1 takkan berulang lagi. Sebenarnya sangat susah untuk mendisiplinkan diri sendiri! 

Keadaan meja study amat aku titikberatkan :)
Apabila meja dalam keadaan kemas, rasa seronok dan tenang je nak study, kan?
Si Droolie teman yang setia :D 

Sebenarnya aku tak dapat nak jangka pun situasi kat rumah sewa nanti macam mana. Aku harap keadaan akan jadi sekondusif yang mungkin untuk aku belajar dan menikmati hidup sebagai remaja. Wah, gitu. Sem 2 ni takkan aku bazirkan begitu saja. Aku akan kembali, aku akan bangkit! Aku akan berusaha lakukan yang terbaik! No more regret


Monday, 27 February 2012

Kuatkan Semangat, Adikku :')


Semalam Adik kesayangan aku balik rumah sekejap, outing katanya. Orang lain keluar jalan-jalan, dia balik rumah je kerjanya. Maklumlah, rumah dekat =P

Adik memang rajin. Balik rumah je, buka laptop, terus print macam-macam. Untuk hias dorm katanya. Dah berbelas-belas kali dorm dia menang anugerah dorm terbaik. Tahniah, Adik. Kekalkan prestasi k? Tahun ni cuba dapatkan anugerah Ketua Dorm Terbaik lagi okay?

Gambar masa Aidilfitri 2011 dengan Mak kesayangan :') 

Tahun ni Arif akan ambil PMR. Good luck, dear. Buat yang terbaik ye? Usaha sungguh-sungguh untuk dapatkan 8A, balas jasa Mak & Abah. Kak E'ka tahu Arif boleh buat. Sebab Arif seorang yang rajin dan kental. Kak E'ka ingat kan sebagai anak bongsu, Arif mesti tak nak duduk jauh daripada Mak dan Abah, tapi Kak E'ka silap. Arif sendiri yang berminat untuk ke sekolah berasrama penuh. I'm so proud of you, dear. Walaupun result TOV hari tu tak berapa memberangsangkan, tapi ambil semua tu sebagai cabaran. Kak E'ka knows you can face it and do better :)

 Semalam pergi SAHUT, lupa nak snap gambar :|

Sedih pulak sebab dalam beberapa hari saja lagi, Kak E'ka akan balik semula ke Shah Alam. Rasa macam sekejap je boleh jumpa dengan Arif :'( Takpe lah Adikku, I have to be strong as you need to be :) Kuatkan semangat ya Adikku? Kak E'ka doakan Arif akan sentiasa cemerlang dunia dan akhirat. Amin. 

p/s: birthday Arif 28 Mac ni. hmm, kalau ada duit lebih, adalah present. sedih kan? but InsyaAllah, if you get 8A's, there will be something for you! ;)

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Favourite Friday :D

Assalamualaikum peeps. 
Happy Friday ^_^ 

Today I was quite bored. There was no one at home, except Dad. Mom was at her clinic, on her duty -.-' I thought it would be the most boring day ever. 

Then, my house's phone rang for many times. Since I was in my room, I didn't hear it at first. Urghh. Ceksu, my aunt called me and asked me to go out with her family. But I insisted. I needed to take care of my Mom's shop -.-' 

Actually, she tried to surprise me. Since she didn't give me anything for my birthday on last 21st January, she wanted to treat me lunch. Silly me for not accepting her invitation :'(

Then, she dropped by Mom's shop to send these to me. Ouchh, I'm touched. Thank you so much, Ceksu & Pokpa (her husband)! 

Ceksu said that she tried to find something as a present, but she ended buying nothing. She was quite afraid if I would not like her present, since I am already 20 years old right now -.- Ceksu, I love everything, as long as it is cute, okay? 

So she just gave RM50 so that I can buy anything that I want to replace her present. Hmm, what a great Aunt :') (Actually she is my second Mom since she has taken care of me since I was born!) 

After buying some things at Mom's shop, she, her husband and Amirul (her second child) went home. I gave her a cute long sleeve t-shirt for her first child, Aliya. Aliya is a teenager now and she needs proper t-shirts to be worn.

Hmm, thank you Ceksu & Pokpa.
 Today is my Favourite Friday! ;)

Friday, 24 February 2012

Promoting Moddy


Hi readers, how are you? :D 

Since I needed to do something just to cheer myself back (from my heartbroken :'| ), so as usual I tried to do things that can benefit me :)

Last night, I promoted Moddy 's page to some Facebookers and also Bloggers, just to increase the total of the likers :)

Thank you Bloggers! 
Besides following my blog, they also help me to LIKE Moddy's page ;) 

#you can also LIKE that page, just click on the word Moddy :D 

Alhamdulillah, I've successfully attracted almost 40 likers just in a few hours (and it's totally hard because people just ignore you -.-') to like that page just to achieve 4000 likers. Congrats Moddy! Hehe

Before this, Moddy said that a mystery gift is waiting the 4000th liker. Yeah, I think that it is quite tough to be the 4000th liker (as I'm never lucky), but I tried my best =.="

So I'm still waiting for Moddy's response right now. Am I going to be announced as the 4000th liker of the page?? #well, I hope so :)

note: I have 2 unofficial Facebook accounts. E'ka Zulaikha is my official one :)
So please don't be confused if I claim that I'm the owner of those accounts because yeah, I'm not using my real name for both accounts for some reasons ;)

#will write what will happen next! 

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

I've already got the answer :')

Semester 1 result. Okay and not bad. Will struggle harder in this coming semesters! Give me strength, Ya Allah!

Love My Teddy Bear contest result!


Hi readers ;) 

Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah for what You have granted me today :')
Even though others will just think that those things are small matters, but not for me :D 

Do you still remember my previous entry about 

So today, the winners have been announced.
Although I didn't manage to grab the first prize, I still got the consolation prize. 

Do you see my name there? :)

Okay, that's all peeps. InsyaAllah, Allah knows the best for us, as long as we have efforts in doing anything! 

Till we meet again in my coming entries! :D 

Monday, 20 February 2012

Contest: I am Malaysian cool blogger by Khairina Hairuddin

Assalamualaikum and hello guys :D 

Well, before I start to be busy again with assignments, presentations and tests this coming new semester, let me benefit every single moment left at home by joining another contest! 

What kind of contest? --''

Just click at the banner or the link to get started! :D 

I hope I'll be listed as one of the coolest Malaysian bloggers by Khairina Hairuddin :)
She will choose the winners based on few criteria;

* a cool blog (yeah, my blog is cool in its own way =P)

*a neat blog (yup, I try to avoid grammatical mistakes each time I write entries..hehe)

* a light blog (I don't put any widget or autoplay music just to keep it light!)

It is totally easy to join this contest, peeps! 
So what're you waiting for? 

Okay, time for tagging people to join! 

* Balqis Hanani 
* Manizs Manjer 
* Cik Kim 

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Spread The Awesomeness ♥

Hye peeps! 

Yeah, I'm writing this entry on 2 in the morning! ^_^ 
I feel too happy, I don't know whether I can sleep or not after this --''

Before this I've joined a contest at blog, called 
Just click at the link above if you're interested to read it, okay? ^_^

So when I visited Da Cool Blue blog just now, 
I just noticed the winners announcement :D 

I know the screen print is too small to be read --''
Actually my blog link is at the bottom of the list :D 

Alhamdulillah for what He gave me, for everything. 
InsyaAllah, I'll do my best in every single field that I involve :)

I dream of a very cute header which symbolizes myself :)

Get Ready


My lil bro has already back to his hostel this evening :'| I didn't realize when did my Eld Bro sent him because I was to weak, coughing all the day, and just lied on my bed :( 

Suddenly, Mom woke me up. She asked me to follow her to the nearest town. I thought that she had cancelled our plan last night, but she didn't. So I went to have shower quickly. 
Oh, I really hate to be in rush :|

First, we went to 2NShop. That shop sells almost everything at a very affordable price. So I bought a few things to be brought to my new house in Shah Alam :)

Seriously, I didn't have more money at this time and I could only afford to buy these. HAHA
Just bought a wall clock, a bag, clothes hanger and a bed sheet. Anything that can still be used, will be used again. Seriously, I've started to be a good saver now :D 

Actually, the real mission was; to buy A TICKET BACK TO SHAH ALAM :')

Mom accompanied me to buy this ticket and I'll board Mutiara bus back to Shah Alam on the night of 2nd March. I don't worry much to board the bus alone; without friends that I used to rely like before. Right now, I need, really need to be independent, as I can't keep relying on people each time in my life. 

I don't know what should I do more right now, except waiting for my Semester 1 result?
Oh noooo! :'|
Ya Allah, I need some strength right now, to end what have I started. Amin.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Everything is new for a new semester! :D


Time flies so fast, and it's already 18th February today --''
And I'm heading towards a new semester; second semester in just a few days! 

Since there were certain things that didn't happen as I planned during last semester, 
so I hope that everything will be going just fine in this coming new semester :')

Indeed, I've made some preparation to prove that I'm really enthusiastic to be better! 
You can read my previous post :)

I did some blog walking just now, especially to my friends' blogs. 
Suddenly, I felt upset to get to know that my friend uses the same background as I used before :'( 
Yeah, I hate to be the same as others, really.
So I decided to make some changes, just to be different. 
The changes are also a significant for changes that I'll make for my new semester :)

So, this is how my blog looks like now :D 

I still use pink in the background because I really love it. Hehe
The lollipop is just a significant for my blog's new description;

Yeah, I really hope I can enjoy my life more after this :D
Live my life to the fullest, but in the same time, prepare to meet Him.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

A day with BFF ♥


How are you, peeps? 
Well, I'm in 50-50 condition - start to have sore throat and cough all the day --''

Today was a memorable one in my diary as a girl :D 
I just really miss the moment to hang out with my bestie since Standard 5, Hayza Zyra. 

When we arrived at Kuala Terengganu, we had our breakfast first.
I would have stomachache if I ignored it --''
Eza chose to have mee hoon soup, while I just preferred fried rice whenever I go :')

It's yummy, but I lost my appetite since we've been waiting for our meals for about half an hour?! 
Grrr, I really think that I was patient enough T_____T 

Note for ourselves: we'll try to avoid that stall when we hang out again 

After settling a few businesses at the bank, we went straight to Pustaka Seri Intan :D 
It is one of the famous book stores here in Terengganu.
Eza wanted to spend her 1 Malaysia book vouchers! (she still had the amount of RM150 of book vouchers before we entered that book store) 

She grabbed everything that she could in PSI just to redeem that RM150 book vouchers! 

She bought badminton rackets, bla bla bla until her RM150 book vouchers disappeared! 

Luckily she still remembered me. HAHA
So I asked her to pay this for me :')
Chess set  

Actually it was so tiring to be in the book store, searching for things to be bought.
After an hour and half, we decided to go home and we went straight away to the bus station.

Datin Eza was so busy answering calls and replying texts --''
Oh, I wish I could be like her, but what can I do, I am a single lady. HAHA 

I didn't mean to capture those Bangladeshis' pictures okay! (behind Eza --'')

Do I look good in red? T___T
#Seriously I need to lose weight :\

I love that city bus :D It is so unique, just like ancient Malay + Minangkabau house. 

Unfortunately, that wasn't our bus to go home. Hehe
We waited about half an hour, and our bus arrived. 

note: where's Panadol? I felt unwell because of the hot weather today :'(

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

just wanna write


It's already 2 am in the morning, and I'm still awake =.="
On 8 am I'll be going to the town, to accompany my BFF to have some shopping :D 
Yeah, can't wait! Even though my purse is already thin right now :( 

Well, I think I'm more ready to face this coming new semester. 
I'm gonna be the new me; with new hope and new spirit :)
Just ignore others who have nothing to do with my future ;)

I don't know, and actually I don't want to know;
that there are certain people who are envy towards me :(
I don't know why, but I'm really thankful to Allah,
because few incidents before this, make me realize of this situation.
Yeah, I know, I'm just an ordinary person with a lot of imperfection, but at least,
I try, to be the best, at His sight :)

I've already moved on. 
I've gone through a lot of obstacles, and 
Alhamdulillah, I've finally been here,
to achieve what have I dreamed before. 

For those 'people' who keep throwing their shits to me, 
thanks for everything.
Only Allah who can pay your 'kindness'.
I'll stand here because I know, 
I've done nothing wrong.
It is the truth, and 'you' have to swallow it! 
If you eat chillies, then you'll feel hot! ;)

note: there are certain useless people that should be ignored. 
they don't even worth a single penny! ;)

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

a blue alien from Pluto :D

How's your day, peeps?
Is it 'sunny' or 'rainy'? >.< 

Today, I welcomed the arrival of a very weird creature from a far away planet called Pluto :D 

#Finally Droolux has safely landed on Earth :D 

Actually, I've developed a kind of obsession lately. 
Yup, I'm obsessed of weird dolls :)
Yeah, girls are supposed to have collection of teddy bears, right?
Yup, I have some of them, but later on I'm more interested towards Dooodolls collection, but they're pretty expensive :'( 

I got a medium Droolie on my 19th birthday :D 
I'll not leave her at hostel whenever I go home, because I'm afraid if Droolie been stolen --''
Yeah, just like a childhood's imaginary friend :')

Droolux (that blue alien) is not a part of Dooodolls collection;
it is from a.e.i.o.u Studio :)
I found Droolux from a blog shop and now it is mine :DDD

note: Right now I only have 3 weird creatures in my room, and I sleep with them ;)

p/s: My beloved aunt, Cik Su came just now :) I gave her all the presents for her daughter, Aliya :D

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Waiting for these! :D

Hi, assalamualaikum >.< 

Since I'm quite bored at home, I tried to cure my boredom by doing an online shopping --''
It's totally not good, dear peeps, because your purse will become thinner and thinner T___T 
Well, actually, I tried to find some blouses to be worn during new semester :)

Receiving this parcel today :D 
Well, this wasn't my first time to shop via online, but I've done it several times before =P
I hate going to crowded supermarkets just to search for cheap clothes -.-'
It's really tiring, you know?

Got these pretty clothes with affordable prices! :D 
I don't even care to wear cheap clothes as long as they suit me well and I'm comfortable with them! 

Cute gifts from the blog shop's owner :D
Love them pretty much!  

Am I a good cousin?
Gonna give these to my little cousin, Aliya. 
Last time I met her, she said that she wanted some t-shirts :D 
Yeah, hope to meet her soon. 

That's all for today. Tadaaa! HAHA ;)

Saturday, 11 February 2012

1st Giveaway from Cik Tempe Punye Blog! :D

Assalamualaikum readers. 

So how's your day? Is it awesome? 
Well, I've passed another boring day again *sigh 

So why don't I join any contest @ giveaway?
I just found this :D

Okay Cik Tempe, here we go :D 

I'm interested to join your giveaway because your prizes are quite awesome for me :) 
#Why don't I get something for free just by writing this entry, right?

Charcoal mask! 

Well, I've never used this charcoal mask before, and I think Cik Tempe can give me an opportunity to try this out, right? HAHA
Maybe I can turn out my tanned skin into a fairer one? #stop dreaming, E'ka! 

Plus, there are also other prizes for lucky contestants such as 'tudung bawal', doodles and also Maxis @ Celcom prepaids. 
Again, why don't I get something just for free, right? :D 

Okay, that's all peeps! 
If you're interested to join this giveaway (or just to escape from your semester break boredom), 
just click at the link above! 
Happy trying! 

I'm tagging;
* Yasmin Khairani 
* Cik Kim 
* Farah Nojie 

note: Cik Tempe, if you don't want to give me that Charcoal Mask, just give me that tudung bawal. HAHA #just kidding 

Friday, 10 February 2012

a coupon from A Fashion Story ♥


Today, I've done nothing interesting --''
After drinking a cup of Nescafe, I could only sleep on 5 in the morning T____T 

However, I still found something 'quite interesting' to be done today. Haha
At least I have something to write here, right?

Well, I've shared this on my Facebook wall just now :D 
And guess what I got?

Hmm, a 15% discount coupon from A Fashion Story

Actually A Fashion Story sells women's and girls' accessories and I really like them :D 
If you're interested to get 15% discount coupon as I did, just visit their facebook page! 

note: I tried to send out my masterpiece to Varsity to be published :D 

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Wordless Wednesday 1 #Shopping baucer buku 1 Malaysia

Baucer buku dah lenyap RM100 sebab belanja adik beli buku rujukan PMR dia --''
Eh, tak wordless la pulak! 

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Masa untuk bershopping! :D


Alhamdulillah, selepas berjam-jam membetulkan sambungan wayar USB fon ni, akhirnya boleh connect juga ke netbook :') #Nak transfer gambar tapi netbook tak ada bluetooth  pulak T____T

Setelah beberapa hari aku terperap dalam rumah sepanjang cuti semester ni, ni lah kali pertama aku keluar. Keluar dengan Mak ye. Hehe #Biasalah anak perempuan sorang :)

Mula-mula ke pejabat pos, settlekan satu urusan penting. Lepas tu Mak ajak pergi shopping barang sikit. Untuk persiapan sem 2 nanti :D 

Beli beg troli yang baru sebab yang lama, dah patah penyangga kat roda tu T____T Tapi beg kali ni besar sikit daripada yang dulu tu. Ye lah, baju dah bertambah, mana muat nak sumbat semua dalam beg lama yang kecik tu --'' 

Penyangkut gelung tu pulak khas untuk tempatkan tudung-tudung aku :D #Jeles tengok Mak gantung tudung-tudung dia macam tu. Haha. Tak adalah. Kebetulan ternampak penyangkut tu, jadi rembat la satu. Kali ni jimat kos sebab tak shopping banyak-banyak macam selalu. Beli track suits dan tali pinggang buckle besar tu. Terkejut Mak tengok buckle yang besar tu. Trend sekarang kan Mak. Kehkehkeh. Tudung warna maroon pulak nak matchingkan dengan baju kurung warna putih + maroon. Sebelum ni aku pakai shawl, tapi lately aku rasa tudung bawal lebih comel la ^_^

Bukan E'ka Zulaikha namanya kalau tak beli komik untuk dibuat koleksi ^_^ Suka sangat kali ni sebab berjaya rembat dua buah komik seram sekali gus :D Komik Shabu-shabu yang warna pink tu jugak sangat comel ^_^ Setakat ni baru ada 4 koleksi komik Shabu-shabu. Komik seram, jangan cakap la~ Lawak Kampus pun dah cukup 12 jilid, tunggu masa nak tambah stok je =P Air C2 tu pulak air favourite aku kalau berkunjung ke 7-Eleven :D 


Sangkala Puaka
#dah habis baca. Komik bertajuk 'blog' tu, scary la jugak. hehe 

Rasukan Siluman 

Lepas je lunch kat satu warung dan teman Mak beli-belah barang-barang dapur dan kedai kat satu kedai borong ni, kitorang terus balik. Kali ni aku rasa aku agak berbeza, sebab tak terlalu boros macam selalu. Hehe. Thanks Mak atas semua :D 

p/s: Mak belikan cadar dan comforter baru untuk aku. Dua tiga hari lepas dah. Pink gitew. Haha. Tetiba je kan?

p/s: menunggu baju-baju dan 'barang-barang' yang dibeli secara online

Tuan empunya blogshop siap snap picture untuk bukti pembungkusan. Hehe
Nama aku dieja silap. E'ka Zulikha? Macam kelakar je. Hehe
Lusa baru dia pos. Memang lambat sikit, tapi sabar tu sebahagian daripada iman kan? :D

Monday, 6 February 2012

Alkisah Ahad


Salam Maulidur Rasul buat semua :)


Hari ni tak ada perkara yang menarik sangat, tapi sekurang-kurangnya ada lah benda yang dibuat kan? 

Jenguk page Moddy yang comel tu dan terbaca ni :)

Apalagi, otak tengah fresh ni. Haha.
Sekali sekala brainstorm pun bagus jugak :)

Amik kau. Sekali 8 aku cadangkan.
Tapi tak tahu la pihak Moddy terima ke tak --''

Okay, that's all
Nanti aku update lagi apa yang terjadi ye?

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Contest: My Awesome Moments :D


Memandangkan cuti semester masih berbaki sebulan (ye ke? --'), 
jadi eloklah aku mengambil kesempatan ni untuk lakukan perkara yang aku suka. 
Antaranya, join contests -.-'

Contest kali ni,

Berminat nak join? 
Klik banner di atas untuk terjah ;)


Sepanjang 20 tahun aku hidup kat dunia ni, tak semua yang dilalui tu, indah belaka. 
Hidup kan bagai putaran roda; sekejap di atas dan sekejap di bawah. 

#Sangat awesome kan bila dapat Sony mp4 player berwarna pink dan set Angry Birds sebagai birthday presents? :D

Boleh dikatakan hidup aku ni bertuah kerana lahir dalam keluarga yang sederhana dengan hanya tiga orang adik-beradik. 
Dan aku satu-satunya anak perempuan dalam keluarga.
Alhamdulillah, impian aku untuk bergelar seorang pendidik, insyaAllah akan terlaksana dalam masa beberapa tahun sahaja lagi. 
Sekarang aku menuntut dalam B.Ed TESL di UiTM Shah Alam dan bakal memasuki semester kedua pada bulan Mac nanti :D 

#Aku diapit oleh dua orang gadis yang sentiasa menceriakan hidup aku.
Gambar ni diambil selepas kami selesai menjalani pementasan drama yang terakhir semasa Asasi TESL di UiTM Kuantan dulu. 
I miss those moments so much :')
Sekarang aku masih bersama-sama Ima (kiri) di Shah Alam, sebaliknya Minn (paling kanan) terpisah jauh di UKM Bangi sana.
Being with them is one of my awesome moments! 

Mereka bukanlah sekadar kawan yang biasa, tapi merekalah pendengar yang setia.
Mereka sentiasa ada saat aku memerlukan.
Ya Allah, aku bersyukur sangat-sangat kerana memiliki mereka :)

# Terlalu banyak kenangan dengan gambar ini :')

Antaranya, ucapan birthday yang ke-19 buat Ima yang ditulis oleh Nisa Kay
Bukan itu sahaja, gambar ni juga yang diselit dalam entry LipIce yang membolehkan aku memenangi hamper Mentholatum bernilai RM180 Januari lalu :D 
Alhamdulillah, berkat keikhlasan yang terbina antara kami bertiga~ 

Selain tu juga, aku memang amat gemar join mana-mana contest yang dianjurkan, dan memenangi contest-contest tersebut memang pengalaman yang amat awesome bagi aku :') 

#Ni peraduan anjuran Fashion Valet di Facebook :D 

Aku menerima 4 keping tiket teater Dream Girls di Istana Budaya, malangnya aku tak berpeluang untuk pergi.
Tapi baucar online shopping bernilai RM200 tetap aku manfaatkan sebaik mungkin :D 

#Ni pulak hadiah beg daripada Lolalovelyshop. 
Untung kan bila join contest?
Macam-macam kita dapat! :D 

#Hadiah beg laptop daripada Berita Harian (Berita Sawit).
Baru je terima :D 
Awesome kan? 

#Dapat baucar daripada KZ Nabihah di Facebook tapi still tak tahu nak beli apa -.-'
Untung tak untung bila join contest ni kan? :D 

Banyak lagi contest yang pernah aku join sebelum ni, dan aku pernah dapat duit beratus-ratus ringgit (jika dihimpunkan kesemuanya) hasil penulisan aku. 
Emm, aku rasa awesome lah jugak bila boleh buat semua ni dengan titik peluh aku sendiri.
Terima kasih buat Mak dan Abah yang selalu encourage aku untuk participate walaupun orang lain sering tak yakin bahawa aku mampu melakukannya :')

Sekarang aku sedang join satu lagi contest iaitu; 
InsyaAllah, jika ada rezeki, adalah :D 

"You are the one who is responsible to make your moments AWESOME" 
(E'ka Zulaikha, 2012) 

Yasmin Khairani 
Cik Kim 
Irdina Syamimi