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Sunday, 29 January 2012

A Happy Day with LipIce! ♥


Hye girls. 
Well, I feel sorry for my blog, cuz I keep abandoning her since this semester break --''

#Tired face after taking care of Mom's shop for half a day? --''

Lately, I'm not really okay. 
Yup, there are certain things that are out of my control. 
Luckily, I've learned something from those things. 
Okay, since I just recovered from my fever, so why don't I cheer up myself with something great? :D

A hamper worth RM180 from Mentholatum! 
Thanks a lot LipIce Malaysia! ♥

Well, actually this is a gift from Mentholatum, for 10 best blog entries about our experiences with LipIce. 
Yeah, I really love LipIce and all Mentholatum products because they are all cute, affordable and suitable with my soul as a teenage girl :D 

Again, thanks a lot LipIce for making up my day :D 
This is the best birthday present ever! 
(even though it has already passed - 21st January. HEHE)

p/s: Really  the LipIce water colour lip moisturizer (vintage pink)! :D

note: I think I gonna continue writing in English since my English is so sucks even though I'm now in B.Ed TESL -..-

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